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Who are we?

Le Chiffon Doré, is a Quebecois company established in 1997, offering a range of services of cleaning for the residential, commercial sector and a service turn-key for the buildings with joint ownerships, in large area of Montreal.

The success of the Chiffon Dore is based on its professional personnel, well trained, reliable, honest and carefully selected. Thanks to this, the Chiffon Dore keeps 90% of the keys and code of alarm of its customers.
  • Angela C.
    Our garage clean-up makes all the difference, especially after the winter we just had!
    Angela C.
  • Pierrette G.
    The window washing you did is absolutely superb, we are very very satisfied.
    Pierrette G.
    Montréal Ouest.
  • Jasmine D.
    Thanks for passing by to make sure that all our expectations were properly met and that our Community Center was clean and ready to welcome our patrons. Thanks again.
    Jasmine D.
  • Jeanne M.
    Let me thank you for your great cleaning initiatives, we really appreciate them. Your suggestions allow us to save money.
    Jeanne M.
  • Robert S.
    I really appreciate the service you’re offering us. Your speed in answering our every needs is excellent.
    Robert S.
    West Island.


1- Residential:

2- Commercial:

3- Condo / Joint Ownership: